30-Minute Rule – It’s Not A Pizza!

by Dan

30-Minutes or LessKnowing the exact moment when and if RBC breach 10C / 50F will keep you from counting the minutes and return a greater degree of confidence when reissuing blood.

The standard for most blood banking institutions require that blood must be maintained between 1 and 10 degrees Celsius for blood to be considered for reissue.  In the effort to comply with this standard most institutions follow the 30-minute rule.  This rule allows for a blood bag to be held outside a monitored refrigeration system at room temperature for a maximum of 30 minutes before it must be discarded.  The belief is that it takes roughly 30 minutes at room temperature for a bag of RBC to breach 10C / 50F.

Studies have shown that the time it takes for a blood bag to reach 10C very dramatically based on the difference in environmental exposure.  The 30 minute rule alone is not enough to observe the regulatory guidance that “blood bank or transfusion service shall have methods to limit and detect bacterial contamination (AABB).”

The technology behind the temperature indicators gives your blood bag time and temperature inelegance.  When monitoring the core temperature of a blood bag, indicators will only report an exposure when the RBC has actually breached 10C / 50F… not just because 30 minutes have past.

With the blood bag temperature indicators you can avoid the distraction of having to manually take the RBC temperature.

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