It’s Time to Stop the Leak

by Dan

Leaky FaucetWith the demand of RBC being greater than the supply and price steadily rising it is imperative that not a single drop of blood be needlessly wasted.  

According to the WHO around 107 million blood donations are collected globally every year and it is generally accepted that 2% of blood may be discarded.  The use of suitable equipment and good management of blood cold chain are important means of minimizing losses and donated blood.

A lack of product data leads to an unpredictable blood cold chain, which will create an environment of guesswork, assumptions and inaccurate predictions when it comes time to make blood safety and cost-recovery related decisions.

The lack of accurate data due to a poorly designed temperature tracking system will force the disposal of unadulterated blood and create financial loss.  These results are very expensive consequences that can be overcome with the implementation of blood bag indicators and management tools.

Developing a system of bag level temperature monitoring will deliver the results required to effectively build and maintain predictable cold chain management, allow for a greater level of cost recovery and drive awareness throughout the blood cold chain.

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