Temperature Abused Blood – Bacterial Contamination

by Dan

Bacteria-blood-cellsMillions of people each year depend on the transfusion of quality blood. Blood bag temperature indicators ensures that quality.

Bacterial contamination of blood components is the most frequently reported cause of transfusion-related fatalities.  Blood bag temperature indicators ensure that bacteria growth due to elevated temperatures has not compromised blood during storage, transportation and distribution

Increase patient safety by confirming blood product is kept within the required conditions.  If unsafe temperature conditions occur blood bag temperature indicators will give you an assurance to know that you’ve captured those issues prior to introducing unsafe blood to a patient.

Global fatalities due to abused blood:

Loss #

# of Blood Transfusions Globally

Fatality Rates Due to Bacteria Contamination

Global Fatalities Due to bacteria Contamination

85 Million





The small low-cost blood bag indicators will give you reliable information and the confidence that your transfusion efforts will save lives.

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