Alright – Who is this Dan Hafen guy?

Dan Hafen is an authority on business development, product innovation, and the design/implementation of cold chain frameworks that map the life of products and services.

Hafen has recently focused his efforts on managing the development of new product initiatives for the cold chain logistics market.  His involvement in this work will help to solve some of the industry’s most vexing issues in relation to the proper care and handling of assets and products.

Devotion to innovation has been a driving force behind his work.  Hafen spent the early stages of his career learning and implementing business and product innovation while working at the Innosight consulting firm, the world’s leading authority on disruptive innovation.  His past experience has also led him to manage marketing, business development and product management teams.  The result was many successful solution-based business models, returning substantial company growth.

Hafen was born in a Rocky Mountain valley located in Utah.  He studied and graduated with a B.A. in Marketing and Advertising from Brigham Young University. During his time as a student he participated and won awards in public speaking.  His off time was spent as a leader to the nationally acclaimed BYU Rugby team.

When Hafen gets a little time to himself you will find him swinging golf clubs, riding his Harley or jumping out of an airplane.

Hafen is committed to family, community and church. He also worked as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Northern England.  He and his wife live in Dallas, TX.  They are the parents of two children.

So, what’s the blog all about?

I view myself as a simple man with simple ideas.  My hope is to share those ideas in an effort to enlighten and entertain.  My desire is to become better educated through collaborative thinking – so, your feedback is welcome.

Most importantly, I belive in cowboys, the Rocky Mountains and rock ‘n’ roll.